Alaskan Guide Creations Chest Bino Pack – 1Yr Review

image_5 I’d like to take the time to shed some light on a piece of equipment thatseems to go everywhere with me from shooting competitions to a stroll through the woods with the family. It’s the Alaskan Guide Creations Chest Bino Pack; design and made in the USA by a great guide/outdoorsman Jaret Owens. Simply put, this pack is well built, and thought out for use from hunters, bird watchers, or serious competition use.


The problem with using the standard chest harness is you’re constantly battling keeping your binos from being damaged, dirty, or bouncing around on your chest. Sure you can tuck them under a jacket or an outer garment, but pull those bad boys out in cold weather from being snuggled up against your chest and you have an expense pair of fogged up glass. Keep your binoculars outside your jacket without lens covers and they get dirt, grime, rain, and snow on them. You are then forced to clean your lenses before you can even use those bad boys.


       Now, let me introduce you to the Alaskan Guide Creations Chest Bino Pack. The Bino Pack’s main compartment accommodates binoculars up to approximately 7.5 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide x 3 inches thick. The pack is original designed to accommodate up to a 10X42 roof prism binocular as well as other essential gear. Alaska Guide Creations “Original Bino Pouch” comes equipped with a

image_1comfortable adjustable strap, Iphone or Smartphone compartment on top, a zipper pocket on each side, a large zipper pocket on the front, a mesh zipper compartment on the back and a spacious main clasp compartment and made from a water repellent material and nylon web construction. All compartments are easy, quiet access for extreme hunting use in the field. The back straps are made of a padded mesh material that holds the pack firmly against your chest, and is fully adjustable and fits just about all body types. It has a soft inner liner that protects your glass as well as other components from the harsh environments you may imagebe transiting through. The main pouch is secured by a robust clip that keeps the flap securely in place but is extremely fast to unlatch and access your main compartment. It does come with additional side pockets on each side of the pack as well as a smaller main compartment that’s built of the front of the pack as mentioned above. I regularly use this pack to carry anything from my Steiner 10X42 binos, terrapin rangefinder, kestrel weather station, or anything in between. It does have a nice pouch on the backside as well against your chest that fits a smart phone or data cards rather nicely.


    In conclusion this bino pack would make a great addition to your competition kit, hiking gear, or just plain hunting use. It’s held up extremely well over the past year and will for sure see continued use in the field for next season.


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