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Badlands | Backpacks

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Badlands | Backpacks


Not every hunt calls for thousands of cubic inches of pack space. Sometimes being light on your feet is the key to success. We started from scratch to design our most agile and most comfortable pack to date. With a Badlands Hypervent™ Suspension and load-distributing flex rods, the Badlands Dash is ready to run. test

  • Polycarbonate Frame
  • Hypervent™ Suspension
  • Ultralight Ripstop Fabric
  • Load Distributing Flex Rods
  • Fits Reservoir Size (liters):3L
  • Carry Compatible: BOW, RIFLE
  • Total Weight: 3 LB 12 OZ
  • Dimensions: 19"X15"X8"
  • Pocket: 4
  • Volume Main: 1260 CI
  • Volume Total: 1940 CI


The Badlands Superday Hunting Pack is used by more hunters than any other hunting backpack in the world. It will carry a bow or a rifle, has a built-in holster for a sidearm, has the ability to haul water, and has a molded foam suspension so ergonomically advanced that it virtually matches every contour of the human form. Package it all up and toss in a healthy dose of the world’s best unconditional warranty and you get one of our best-selling hunting backpacks. But don‘t take our word for it - there are thousands of reviews. Go read 'em yourself.
  • Molded Foam Suspension
  • Hip-belt pistol holster
  • Easy-Access Waist belt Pockets
  • Five External compression Straps
  • Fits Reservoir Size (liters):2L
  • Carry Compatible: RIFLE, BOW, PISTOL
  • Total Weight: 3LB 15OZ
  • Dimensions: 21"X16"X11"
  • Pocket: 7
  • Volume Main: 1440 CI
  • Volume Total: 1950 CI


Any serious hunt starts well before opening day. The countless hours spent scouting are often the difference between success or failure. The Scout Pack is for just the bare essentials during those long grueling hours in the field. Spotting scope, water, food, toilet paper and a we said, the essentials.
  • AirTrack™ suspension
  • 3L reservoir included
  • Multiple compression straps and additional lash points
  • Yoke Style shoulder Straps
  • Fits Reservoir Size (liters):3L
  • Total Weight: 1LB 9OZ
  • Dimensions: 18"X11"X8"
  • Pocket: 2
  • Volume Main: 450 CI
  • Volume Total: 630 CI