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Fast Track Rifle Load Development

Fast Track Chronograph Load Development Method SAFETY DISCLAIMER This process doesn’t replace the safety guidelines found in standard reloading manuals. Within this article, there will some discussion around shooting a rifle outside for a designated gun range in to a home made bullet catcher. If you live in downtown Houston TX, do not shoot your rifle in… Read more »

Max Michel Training Academy AAR

A couple of us at Patriot Defense had the privilege to attend one of Max Michel Jr’s intermediate shooting classes during the LSI Texas State Open USPSA Level II match. In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past 15yrs here’s a little background on Max Michel Jr. By anyone’s account, Max Michel,… Read more »

Alaskan Guide Creations Chest Bino Pack – 1Yr Review

 I’d like to take the time to shed some light on a piece of equipment thatseems to go everywhere with me from shooting competitions to a stroll through the woods with the family. It’s the Alaskan Guide Creations Chest Bino Pack; design and made in the USA by a great guide/outdoorsman Jaret Owens. Simply put, this… Read more »

Considering Environmental Conditions – Density Altitude

Considering Environmental Conditions: Density Altitude Method Introduction One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome as I became involved in long range shooting, was the ability to easily and accurately consider changes in the environmental conditions to allow a predictable change in DOPE. Changes in the environmental conditions, mainly due to shifts in Temperature… Read more »