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Patriot Defense | 16″ AR-15 Lightweight Model – Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel

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Patriot Defense | 16″ AR-15 Lightweight Model – Proof Carbon Fiber Barrel

Patriot Defense proudly present the 16″ AR-15 lightweight Carbine, chambered in a 223 Wylde (1:7 twist). This is essentially the Patriot Defense 16″ Duty gun, with all upgrades and a Proof Research carbon fiber barrel.

The Patriot Defense Upper/Lower receiver starts life as a solid block of aerospace grade 7075 T6 aluminum alloy. Precision machined on a 4 axis CNC machine, hand finished and then anodized with type III hard anodize per the military spec.

The heart of our lightweight Carbine platform utilizes a Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel with a 1:7 twist.  The barrels are threaded for and furnished with a pinned barrel extension with proper headspace, gas port hole drilled and finished with a target crown at the muzzle. The muzzle end is also threaded 1/2″ x 28 TPI to accept standard 223 caliber suppressors or muzzle brake devices.
Our AR-15 Bolt and Carrier Systems are treated with nickel boron (NIB-X), a revolutionary surface technology that provides permanent dry lubricity. This radically improves the performance of your AR-15 and eliminates the need to apply oil or grease to treated parts as regularly for the life of the weapon. Treated parts include; Bolt, Semi-Auto Bolt Carrier, Semi-Auto Hammer, Extractor, Cam Pin, Carrier Key and Firing Pin.
Patriot Defense Competition Ready Carbines are also available in 243 Winchester, 6.5mm C.M., 260 Remington, 6.5 Grendel, 308 Winchester.
Duty Gun barrel lengths available in 16″ and 18″, and Precision Carbines available in 20″ & 24″. All barrels are threaded with a standard thread form, ready for a muzzle brake or suppressor.
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 12 x 10 in

SPECS- Case Hardened, Shot Peened, and LFT (Live Fire Tested) – NIB-X Coated Bolt and Extractor – Mil-Spec Gas Rings – Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners – Upgraded Spring, Insert and O-Ring – Mil-Spec Staked Gas Key – NIB-X Cam Pin – NIB-X Firing Pin and retainer