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SB Tactical | SIG MCX/MPX Pistol Brace 3 Position

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SB Tactical |  SIG MCX/MPX Pistol Brace 3 Position

The SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Brace MPX lets you enjoy the advantages of a handgun while improving your stability and accuracy. SB Tactical redesigned these Rifle Parts to improve the comfort and ergonomics of establishing a cheek weld with firm rubber that has a soft texture. The SB Tactical Handgun Stabilizing Brace provides a third point of contact for your stance so your aim can be more consistent. The slim profile SB Tactical Stabilizing Brace delivers great fit, feel and function for your personal defense handgun.

Features of SB Tactical Handgun Stabilizing Brace, MPX-01-SB:
Retains the advantages of handgun classification and provides a third point of contact - adding greater stability, accuracy and control. (Know the applicable laws in your jurisdiction.)
Velcro strap attaches to forearm for more solid control.
Innovative, 3-position adjustable.
Complete assembly and easy to install, with an integral M1913 adjustable housing.
ATF compliant, veteran designed.
Weight 19.1 oz.
Length 3.875 in (collapsed), 6 in (mid), 8.25 in. (extended).
Strap width 1 in.
Maximum width 2.25 inches.
Package Contents:
SB Tactical Stabilizing Handgun Brace MPX-01-SB
Adjustable nylon strap