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At Patriot Defense we believe that the safety of our nation begins with the safety of our families. Our forefathers guaranteed us the right to bear arms, and the right to defend ourselves. We understand that these rights represent the core of our unique freedom as American citizens, and that along with these rights, come responsibilities. As individuals, and as families, we ultimately are responsible for our own well-being. Our strong belief in these core values has inspired us to open a store that offers a wide variety of items ranging from non-lethal personal defense equipment, to tactical assault gear for any weapon. We carry the latest gear from the best companies at the best prices possible. Our goal is to make personal protection affordable to all Americans using only products made to the highest standard! We have purposely avoided offering cheaply made, mass produced overseas products. Where we can, only USA made products are offered, but we acknowledge that there are some overseas firearms and optic manufacturers that are of extremely high quality and in demand from customers that expect the best.

It doesn’t matter if you’re one of our honorable military service personnel, local law enforcement officer, or just a regular “Joe” looking for that sense of security while walking through the shopping mall parking lot; we have something for everyone.