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Patriot Defense Palm Swell Grips Options

Posted by JoAnna Wilson

Patriot Defense Palm Swell Grips Options

The Patriot Defense line of competition grips have evolved to allow several different profiles for the end user.

The standard profile palm swell utilizes a swell placed low on the grip to help roll the hand and grip pressure higher to the bore axis of the pistol. This is a bit different than most offerings on the market that just fill a void in your grip. Give these a chance and see your split times improve and grip pressure moved higher to the bore axis due to the unique design of the low swell.

The palm swell high is a more traditional grip, placing the swell higher up on the grip which fills the palm void in your hand. This allows shooters a bit more natural grip while giving enough material to fill any voids caused by the cup of your palm.

Both are offered in our aggressive and sissy pattern stippling.  

We also offer our customers the ability to mix and match individual left and right grip panels to build the best grip for their hands.  This option is only available in raw material or a Cerakote finish which you can select at checkout.

Palm Swell Low - Aluminum

Palm Swell High - Aluminum

Palm Swell - Brass

MIX & MATCH Grip Panels