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CGW | Firing Pin Retaining Pin (61100)

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CGW | Firing Pin Retaining Pin (61100)

Tempered spring steel firing pin retaining pin.  Our 61100 acts like a mini-shock absorber and can withstand repeated impacts from the firing pin.  Cushions the firing pin shoulder from damage. Must use this special spring pin for the warranty to be effective with CGW firing pins.

Installation note:  Always install the open end of the spring pin in the 12 0’clock position/facing the top of the slide.

TECH TIP:  Why not a solid firing pin retaining pin?  We tried that and found that a solid pin will soon damage the firing pin, causing peening.  This peening or mushrooming of the firing pin causes the pin to drag in the firing pin channel = light strikes.   A solid firing pin retaining pin can also get stuck in the slide.  We have machined several from customers slides that would not drive out.

Install the 61100 spring steel retaining pin with the open end at the 12 0’clock position.