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CGW | T2 Disconnector (1485-T2)

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CGW | T2 Disconnector (1485-T2)

CGW | T2 Disconnector (1485-T2)

Type 2 CGW disco, fits all firing pin block equipped CZ’s.  Like Type 1, requires no fitting 90% of the time*.  NOTE:  Type 2 will only work in CZ’s with the SRS-1 or 2.  Fits SP-01, P-01, PCR, RAMI, Etc.  Please see disclaimer below.


Disclaimer: This exclusive CGW short reset disco WILL ONLY WORK in CZ’s that have our SRS-1 or SRS-2. The reason is, the 1485-T2 will stop the trigger bar in 3.5mm’s. The stock CZ system resets in 6.5mm’s, therefore if you install this product in a stock CZ, the trigger will not reset in SA.

Disclaimer: If you already have the CGW Reach Reduction (RRK) installed, the 1485-T2 will not work. Contact CGW for a special “hybrid” disco that combines the benefits of the RRK and the 1485-T2. We also offer a custom “RRK-T2” on a special order basis, please call or e-mail for details.