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Patriot Defense | Tanfoglio Sledge Hammer Release

Posted by JoAnna Wilson

Patriot Defense | Tanfoglio Sledge Hammer Release

The Patriot Defense Hammer starts from a high carbon steel billet blank, precision mill the profile, heat treat to RC50-RC52 for long lasting durability, and finally EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) the hammer hooks in the hardened state to prevent critical tolerance movement. Hammers are then pre-polished and sent off for DLC (Diamond Like Coating, Black), which is a nanocomposite coating that has unique properties of natural diamond low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance.

The PD Tanfoglio Sledge Hammer offers shortened single action hooks to produce a very short and crisp single action break. Weight has been increased in key areas to allow more moving mass to impact the firing pin thus increasing the reliability of the firearm igniting primers.

We recommend a new sear if the round count in SA is more than 2,000 SA drops. Hammer/sear wear together and damage or unsafe conditions can happen if not properly fit together during install. We recommend a competent gunsmith install and fit the hammer/sear interface for safe function.

Pre-orders for hammers are now open, and we are shooting for a Jan 3rd, 2022 ship date on the first batch. Shipping will be prioritized as first come first served. 

Light, SAO, DLC-Black

Heavy, DA/SA, DLC-Black