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Women Mentors - Shooting Industry Magazine

Posted by JoAnna Wilson

Shooting Industry Magazine recently released the first Woman's Issue.  Deb Ferns who is highly involved in mentoring and training women to be confident with firearms through Babes with Bullets, She Never Quit, and other successful organizations wrote an article on women mentoring women in the industry. 

JoAnna Wilson was featured in the article as a woman that owns a gun shop, Patriot Defense, and helps mentor and educate women with firearms utilizing her experience over the years. 

You can follow along on JoAnna's concealed carry and shooting sports journey here:

Instagram: joanna_concealed, Concealed Carry Options for Women

Instagram: tomi_joanna_wilson, Shooting Sports

Read the full article here: Shooting Industry Magazine, May 2019 Issue, Author Deb Ferns