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Patriot Defense | Jericho 941 - Recoil Spring

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Patriot Defense | Jericho 941 - Recoil Spring

Patriot Defense | Jericho 941 - Recoil Spring

 This is the flagship of recoil springs for the IWI Jericho 941 line of pistols. We've done the design and engineering to get rid of the multiple lengths and have come up with the new hybrid design that will work in both long slide and short slide models. Our springs utilize 17-7 aerospace stainless steel material to give you; the shooter; a far superior product to the "industry standard" music wire material found in other brands. These are 100% made in the USA, stressed relieved, and micro polished to give you a super slick and smooth finish. These springs offer far superior corrosion resistance, low-drag, and will get you running high speed in no time. Will work on the following Tanfoglio Brands- IFG (Italian Firearms Group), EAA (European American Armory), and Tanfoglio. 

 Tuning- There is no secret recipe to recoil springs. Each shooter has their own feel for what feels right in their hands. Your looking for a combination that gives you good sight/dot tracking with the muzzle returning as close as possible to the 'ZERO" position. The recoil spring is probably one of the most critical components for reliability and smooth operation in your pistol. If you go to heavy and the slide is not allowed to travel its full cycle then you'll be inducing ejection/extraction problems as well as next round feeding issues. Its imperative to find the combo that allows the slide to fully cycle and the spent casing to hit the ejector with enough force to throw the case at least 5ft. This also gives enough dwell time to allow the next round time to feed onto the ramp and into the chamber on return of the slide. 


  • Red- 8lb

  • White- 9lb

  • Blue- 10lb

  • Black- 11lb