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Tanfoglio | Defiant Domina (IFG)

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Tanfoglio | Defiant Domina (IFG)

Tanfoglio | Defiant Domina


Domina in Latin means Lady, Mistress of House.

The Domina is the flagship of our sports production: unbeatable in the USPSA and IPSC Open Divisions. This pistol features a crisp single action trigger, a 5.2″ compensated bull barrel with polygonal rifling, and lightening cuts on the slide to increase return speed and reduce drag. With a nano ceramic finish, extended magwell, and frame mounted optics points, the Domina comes race read



.9 MM, 38 SA




5.2" Polygonal Rifling




Single Action Only


Custom Ambidextrous


Flagship model for IPSC Open Class, Exteneded Safety, Polygonal rifing, bull barrel with compensator, SA Only


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