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Patriot Defense | 40SW Barrel Reaming Service

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Patriot Defense | 40SW Barrel Reaming Service

Patriot Defense | 40SW Barrel Reaming Service

We utilize our custom 40S&W Match Finish Reamer to ensure we bring your undersized chamber back to SAAMI spec while still maintaining the accuracy you demand. Chamber will be sized properly and the “leade” lengthened to allow a much greater range of projectile and OAL to be utilized. This service will greatly increase reliability in guns with short or no “leade” and has no negative affect on accuracy. Usual turnaround time is less than 24hrs and pricing includes return shipping back to you.


Please mail your barrel to with a copy of your invoice enclosed:


3352 CR 212

Anderson, TX 77830


*For CZ or other melonite treated barrels please use hardened barrel reaming service

*Please ensure barrel is clean when sending or an additional cleaning charge may incur. 

*Please ensure barrel is properly packaged when shipped to prevent damage during transit