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Patriot Defense | Tanfoglio Slide Optic Milling

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Patriot Defense | Tanfoglio Slide Optic Milling

Patriot Defense | Tanfoglio Carry Optic Slide Optic Milling 

  • Current Turnaround Time- 3 weeks or less
  • Please Note- Patriot Defense has no control over the quality standard of optic manufacturers and their elevation adjustments. There for Patriot Defense is not liable if your particular carry optic setup requires a shim in order to achieve a zero. This is not an uncommon occurrence across many different platforms and many factors play into this including bullet power factor, zero distances, optic, and elevation adjustment. If you are not willing to possibly use a shim in order to achieve a zero we highly recommend you go with a rear sight mount for your optic. We do guarantee a precision CNC fit with your optic of choice and your slide. By purchasing this product you agree that you fully understand the above. Please read the below in its entirety…
  • We will not be able to guarantee a precision fit if you fail to send your optic with the slide. Every Slide is test fit with a "shop" optic that we have on hand. However, there are manufacturing tolerances that may cause your RDS not to fit correctly. You will be responsible for shipping of the slide back to us if your application needs further machining. 

Our Tanfoglio Carry Optic Milling service has us CNC precision machine an optic pocket in your supplied Tanfoglio slide. Due to the design of the Tanfoglio slide we have to mill the rear sight dovetail and lower the deck height as well which gives a flat clean install. This gives you an extremely low sight picture in your optic and makes for a much easier transition for shooters who use iron sights. The number one complaint we heard from customers using optic mounts utilizing the rear sight dove tail was they struggled getting a good sight picture at first due to the height difference over iron sights. We include recoil bosses in all of our mounts to add in the rigidity of the optic to slide mount. These bosses help capture the optic and aid in reducing the stress seen on the mounting screw for a much more superior fit/mate between the optic and slide. Our modified CO Firing Pin Block is now part of the package; as the factory FPB will no longer work due to the deck height being lowered to accommodate your optic.


Tanfoglio Plates

Tanfoglio | Slide Multi Dot Adaptor Kit - Optic (04ADA00004)

Tanfoglio | Rear Sight Adapter Plate for Optic (03PAR00045B)





 Milling Instructions


***NOTE- Please include a copy of your invoice with your slide when sending to our location. Please make sure you ship to the below address-


3352 CR-212

Anderson, TX 77830

(We recommend you insure  your package.)


  • RDS compatible with Tanfoglio pistols are as followed- Trijicon, Vortex, Burris, Leupold, Doctors, and Sig.


*** PLEASE READ***- Patriot Defense tries to utilize the best optic cut/screw combination that will work with the particular slide. We do not manufacturer the screws and we do not have the ability to utilize the factory over sized screws that normally come with the optic. We normally run into issues with the screws punching into the FPB hole, the side of slide, or the firing pin channel. We understand a lot of our customers shoot competitively and put their firearms through the ringer. With that said we recommend changing these screws out every few thousand rounds to maintain reliability and strength. By purchasing this service you understand that Patriot Defense does not manufacturer the optic screws and we are not liable for the repair or replacement of broken, over tightened, or sheared screws. 


Slide Armor Fee ($25):

*** PLEASE READ***- Please select armorer fee if you plan on sending in your slide with the rear sight installed. Many rear sights have stripped out allen heads that need to be drilled out before removing, the Armorer fee service covers this. We are not responsible if the rear sight incurs damage during removal as well. 


For any questions or concerns please contact


Note- This service does not include slide refinishing or the Optic. Our CO Firing Pin Block is required to stay compliant per USPSA CO rules. We require all slides to be completely stripped (Barrel, Guide rod, Extractor, Sights, FPB, FP Spring, etc…) from the slide to aide us in keeping our turnaround times down. A $25 armorer fee will be applied if we have to remove any components from your slide upon arrival. Some ammo/zero distances require a 1 degree shim to be installed in order to achieve a zero. There seems to be no common factor as to what optic combination this is caused by.  Please note that we do precision CNC mill your slide to exact tolerances and include “bosses” to aide in centralizing your optic when applicable. 

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  • 5
    Excellent fit

    Posted by MJ on Oct 21st 2023

    Milled a 10mm Match for an ACRO adapter plate. Beautiful fit, everything runs smoothly.

  • 5
    Optic Milling, switch from Romeo1 to a Trijicon SRO

    Posted by Gordon Blank on Apr 21st 2023

    I bought a stock2 from someone and it had a romeo1 optic on it. I prefer Trijicon and I saw a review here that PD could weld the threaded holes shot add bosses and refill. So for $190 I got the slide that I wanted. Complete turnaround time 2 weeks.
    *****Side note***** When I got my slide back I reattached the front sight. When I went to slide the barrel in. it wouldn't go. Got the calibers out and measured and all was good. I thought maybe the frame got squeezed but it was the front sight Allen screw keeping the barrel from going into the slide. Live and learn/Share.

  • 5
    Optic milling

    Posted by Richard Bonnell on Mar 20th 2023

    Best machine work and very pleasurable people to deal with

  • 5
    Milling job

    Posted by Richard Bonnell on Mar 18th 2023

    Clean job and done exactly for my Trijicon SRO highly recommend them

  • 5
    Slide milling of my tanfo stock 3 extreme

    Posted by Scott Gaskins on Oct 18th 2022

    I had patriot defense mill my stock 3 slide for a SRO and cut a port in the top of the slide. It turned out amazing. I received the slide back in 3 weeks with the SRO already mounted on the slide. The port on the top of the slide looked great. I took the gun out to the range and quickly got it zeroed. The optic sits low on the slide and patriot even milled a small relief for the front of the SRO. I couldn’t be happier with the work.

  • 5
    Optic Milling

    Posted by Neil V Laspiñas on Oct 10th 2022

    Joe was able to remilled Optic slide from RTS to SRO. Very happy with result.

  • 5
    Perfect fit.

    Posted by Dave on Oct 9th 2022

    Sent in my slide and SRO, they came back perfectly fit together and mounted, highly recommend!

  • 5
    Amazing Job Tanfoglio Defiant Limited Pro

    Posted by Sherman Robbins on Jun 3rd 2022

    Amazing work!! Defiant was milled for Holosun 508T with lightening port. Milling is smooth and burr free. Turnaround time was 3 weeks on the nose. I would wait months for this quality of work. Thanks for quality work well done!!!!

  • 5
    precise fit and fast turnaround

    Posted by Ronaldo Paran on May 13th 2022

    The first slide from Stock3 I sent was rewarded and milled for SRO from Vortex and is precisely fit and function flawlessly.Now I just got my 2nd slide (defiant stock) with SRO for Optic milling and I couldn't be happier, Joanna ship it fast to make sure I had it back a week before mid Atlantic.Joe and Joanna and team are awesome, communication and service are excellent.